Holmgate Primary School and Nursery

Foundation Subjects

We aim to provide our pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum where they have the opportunity to discover their own true potential and develop their skills and knowledge in a range of subjects. Each term we have a new project or end goal through which we teach a number of linked curriculum areas, which always have Religious Education and Personal, Social and Health Education at their core. As part of this project children are given the opportunity to explore important issues and problems whilst considering how they can make a difference to both their community and the wider world.
For each foundation project we have mapped out and sequenced skills so that their knowledge will be built upon year after year, with our end goal being that children develop deep knowledge at the end of their time at Holmgate. Projects are developed over a term: Autumn term is our Explore project, which is Geography-based, Spring term is our Discover project, which is history-based and Summer term is our Create project, which is Arts-based.
Teachers develop medium term plans for foundation subjects as part of their project planning, with other foundation subjects such as Design and Technology, Art and Design and Computing linked to the main theme. 
In Religious Education, PSHE and Computing we follow the agreed Derbyshire schemes of work and adapt these to fit in with our projects and curriculum.