Holmgate Primary School and Nursery

Our Mission and Values

'Let Your Light Shine' encapsulates what we want to achieve at Holmgate. We want children to make the most of their talents and potential and provide them with the widest possible range of opportunities to experience new challenges and develop new skills. We want school to be fun, inspiring and educational. Our pupils need a broad and balanced curriculum in order to equip them for the society that they will work in. However, we believe that for children to achieve academically, they need to be inspired by the curriculum. School should be a place children see as fun and exciting. We aim to bring the curriculum alive through innovative and imaginative ways of teaching as well as school visits to sites that inspire pupils. We aim to provide a broad range of opportunities for children to develop their skills, whether in drama, PE, music, art or computing. We aim to:

  • Make our children the best they can be.
  • Ensure our children are caring, thoughtful citizens
  • Provide pupils with a fun, inspirational experience of school where high-quality teaching allows them to reach their full potential.
  • Ensure school is an enjoyable experience; only when children are fully engaged can they maximise their learning and fulfil their potential. We aim to bring the curriculum to life through exciting learning activities and engage the children’s interest through creative delivery.
  • Inspire pupils to be high achievers in their chosen field in the future, be this academic, musical, sporting or any other.
  • Provide excellent teaching; then we want to see pupils striving to achieve their very best in their own work.
  • Promote excellent behaviour through instilling our core values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.