Holmgate Primary School and Nursery

Holmgate School Nursery

Our school nursery is the ideal place for your child to start their education! Our trained teachers ensure that your child makes super progress during their time with us and are fully school-ready when time comes for them to transition in to Reception year.

As a nursery we believe that children learn through play and that their learning environment should be creative, inspiring and rich in learning opportunities. We aim to ensure that your child has a fantastic experience of education every day. We are blessed with space, meaning as well as our fantastic indoor environment, we also have a fabulous outdoor area where your child can continue their learning. Stories, phonics sessions and maths talk supplement their learning in the provision, where teachers interact with the children to ensure they are pushed on as quickly as possible. 

We know that starting Nursery is a huge step for your child and that parents want to know that their child is in safe hands. Through home visits and a staggered entry process, we ensure that transition into Nursery is a smooth process and you are supported every step of the way. You are welcome to come visit and look round and meet our staff to discuss a nursery place for your child and we look forward to hearing from you!