Holmgate Primary School And Nursery

PE & Sport


"On Thursday 21st October we went to Alfreton Leisure Center to take place in a Futsal tournament. When we arrived, the coaches explained the rules and we had a team meeting. Our first game we drew 1-1. Oskar scored a great goal! Our second game we won 2-0, our goal scorers were Holly and Kyle. Our third game we won 8-1. Loads of us scored, it was definitely our best match. We won another match after that but lost our last game against Ashover 3-2. Overall, we came fourth out of ten which we were really proud of! We loved being picked to represent our school and hope we get to do it again."

Oskar and Holly - Year 6


"On Wednesday 20th October all of our class (Year 3) went to a Sports Summit and Aspirational Day at EIS Sheffield hosted by Qualitas. We did so many awesome activities. First, we did ice skating. It was a bit scary to begin with because lots of us had never done it before. But, once you got the hang of it, it was amazing! We loved pushing the penguins and using them to pull ourselves along. Next, we did some dancing where we learnt loads of different moves and choreography. We put it all together into a performance. After that, we were taught some freestyle football tricks. The professionals were so impressive and we couldn’t stop watching them. There was an inflatable kick section and Brody got the highest score out of everyone – 35mph! The last activity was sprinting around the professional athletics track with the legendary Dwain Chambers! We had our photo taken with him and we all shouted HOLMGATE! It was the best day ever!"

Bella, Brody and Maddison - Year 3


"On Wednesday 22nd September our class went to Alfreton Leisure Centre. There were lots of other schools there. We did some dancing to warm up before playing lots of games. Our favourite was 'Shooting Stars' where you had to dodge the tiny balls. If you got hit by one, you had to turn into a shooting star and it was your turn to throw the tiny balls! We learnt lots of skills; how to dodge, jump, run, throw and most importantly how to work together. We loved the whole event and were exhausted when we got back. Hopefully we can play some of those games in our PE lessons too!"

Alesia and Connor - Year 2