Holmgate Primary School and Nursery

Who’s Who?

     Senior Leadership Team        

Mrs Thornton - Headteacher & KS1 Leader      

Mrs Guy - Deputy Headteacher and

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo)     

Mrs Allen - English & KS2 Leader  

Mrs Coupe - EYFS Leader

  Administrative and Support Staff

            Mrs Bassett - School Business Manager (SLT)

             Mr Higginbottom - Site & Premises Manager


 Miss Hickens - Year 6

  Miss Broderick - Year 5   

 Mrs Allen - Year 4   

 Mrs Thomas/Mrs Smith  - Year 3    

 Mrs McLellan - Year 1/2

            Miss Griffiths - Year 1/2          

           Miss Tonks and Miss Marshall - Reception (FS2)        

   Miss Edwards - Nursery (FS1)

    Mrs Elstob - PPA Cover

    Mr Butcher - Tutor

           Teaching Assistants       

Miss Andrews

Mrs Atkinson

Miss Bettinson

Mrs Briddon

Miss Cannon

Mrs Cannon (Team Leader)

Miss Colley

Mrs Foster

Mrs Gibson (Team Leader)

Mrs Law

Mrs Moore

Ms Morris

Mrs Peace (Team Leader)

Miss Ridley 

Mrs Skinner (Team Leader)

Mrs Thacker

 Family Support Worker 

Miss Kirk

Pastoral Worker

Mr Bradley

 Midday Supervisors

Mrs Briddon, Mrs Cannon (Senior MDS), Mrs Chapman, Miss Else, Miss Ridley

Mrs Walton and Mrs Wild

Morning and After School Club Staff

Mrs Law, Mrs Skinner, Mrs Atkinson and Miss Cannon

   Cleaning Staff

   Mrs Froggatt, Mr Harris and Mr Watson