Holmgate Primary School And Nursery

Here you can find the latest school letters.


 Information Letter for Return to School on 8th March .pdfDownload
 World Book Day 4th March 2021.pdfDownload
 Parent Information Letter 23022021.pdfDownload
 General Letter to Parents-Carers 22022021.pdfDownload
 DCC Letter to Parent-Carers - 08012021.pdfDownload
 Covid-19 Update 26 January 2021.pdfDownload
 FSM VOUCHERS JAN 2021.pdfDownload
 Covid-19 General Information for Parents 15.01.2021.pdfDownload
 Covid-19 Important Information for Pupils in Nursery and Reception Classes.pdfDownload
 Letter to Parents-Carers - 20210113.pdfDownload
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