Holmgate Primary School and Nursery

Welcome to Holmgate Nursery!

EYFS Practitioners: Miss Edwards and Mrs Thacker

We are very excited that you have chosen to join us at Holmgate Nursery. Whether your child attends the setting for a couple of sessions or a full week, we hope that they enjoy the start of their learning adventures with us at Holmgate.

Autumn Term in Nursery

We have been busy welcoming our new children into Nursery and are very proud of how well everyone is settling in. The older children who were with us last year have been a great help in showing the new children where to hang their coats and find their favourite toys. The children are all beginning to form friendships and have been enjoying receiving stickers for their good behaviour and fabulous learning. We are looking forward to learning more about each other, our families and the places we enjoy visiting as the term progresses.

Adventure Thursdays

In the coming weeks we will start our Adventure Thursday sessions. Each Thursday your child will take part in Outdoor Learning in our wooded grounds with us. They will need to come to Nursery dressed in warm clothes and wellies. Please make sure that you do not mind if these clothes get dirty during the session. Your child will also need a warm and waterproof coat as well as hat, scarf and gloves in the colder weather. Please pack a full change of clothes and shoes for your child in their bag so that any muddy items can be removed before playing back in the classroom.

Nursery Library Bedtime Bags

We are pleased to announce that Franklin the Dragon’s Lending Library will be restarting again this term. The children will bring home a bag containing a teddy and a small blanket along with the book they choose that week from the library shelves. They will be able to swap their book for a new one each week on a Friday and tell Franklin all about the one they have been sharing at home. If your child does not come to Nursery on a Friday, they will be able to swap their book each week on their last Nursery day.


Other Useful Information

Downloading the following apps will be of great benefit to you: See-Saw to see the fun your child is having at Nursery learning with their friends and School Jotter to keep up to date with the News and Information sent out by school. Details of how to download these will be shared with you once your child starts with us.

If your child will be absent from Nursery please ring the school office on 01246862270 and leave a message.

If you have any questions about your child’s time with us at Nursery then please do not hesitate to speak to us when you drop off or collect your child. We are looking forward to getting to know your child and helping them to develop firm foundations in their learning over the coming year.