Holmgate Primary School And Nursery


If you are interested in joining us, we welcome you to arrange an appointment to look round our school. Below you can find the details of our admissions policy.

Holmgate Primary and Nursery School Admissions Policy 2019

The maximum normal intake of Reception children during each year will be 35 for which we operate a one-point entry in September.  However parents/carers may appeal for a place which could increase this number.

Parents are encouraged to visit the school prior to application.

We follow the Derbyshire Admissions Policy.  For all community and controlled schools individual pupils who have a statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health Care plan which names the school will be admitted.

In deciding on admissions to all community and voluntary controlled schools in Derbyshire, the following order of priority will be adopted.

Looked after children and children who were looked after but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a child arrangements order or special guardianship order).

  1. Children living in the normal area served by the school at the time of application and admission who have brothers or sisters attending the school at the time of application and admission
  2. Children living in the normal area served by the school at the time of application and admission
  3. Children not living in the normal area served by the school but who have brothers or sisters attending the school at the time of application and admission
  4. In the case of voluntary controlled church schools, children whose parents request a place on religious grounds
  5. Other children whose parents have requested a place 

When in the case of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 above, choices have to be made between children satisfying the same criteria, those children living nearest to the school (measured by straight line distance) will be given preference.

For further information on Derbyshire admission, please follow the link below:


The school also operates a 26 place nursery. For the nursery children can be admitted on their 3rd birthday. Parents can ask for a place in a nursery and be put on the waiting list in advance; however all entrants will be taken in on the basis of chronological age.