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Let your light shine

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

Japan class had a brilliant time celebrating Chinese New Year! As part of the day, we investigated:

Are pandas good at kung fu?


Step one: research pandas! We did this using Swiggle (a child-friendly search engine). We looked at panda diets, habitats, behaviours and other interesting facts about them.

Step two: become kung fu masters! (We loved this step!) 

First, we learned about the five different animal styles of kung fu (tiger, leopard, snake, dragon and crane)

We then took part in a kung fu lesson in the hall!

Step three: combine your research! As part of this step, we worked in pairs to create a poster presentation explaining if we thought pandas were good at kung fu and why. We combined our new knowledge of both pandas and kung fu to create this presentation. 


We then had a look at everybody's presentations - we couldn't believe how hard everybody worked! Well done everyone!