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Has Greece always been in the news?


Welcome to Japan's class page all about Ancient Greece!

Y3 and Y4's Celebration of Learning will be on Friday 12th April at 2:00pm

Greek Day!

We were very lucky to have Portals to the Past come in and deliver us an amazing Greek Day! 

Our day began with a Greek quiz in the hall, which had loads of fun facts for the children to discover!

We were also transported to a Greek theatre where we re-enacted Greek myths and legends.

We then placed Archimedes' Stomachion - the oldest known mathematical puzzle, as well as Petteia - a Greek strategy game.

After lunch, a Greek warrior then demonstrated his weapons and armour. We also took part in a mini-Olympic games! It was great fun!


Our topic lessons...

In art, we will be making Greek pots, so we started our topic lessons by investigating different types of Greek pots  and what they were used for! We looked at Hydria, Lekythos and Amphora pot shapes. 

 Theseus and the Minotaur: is there any evidence for the legend?

We investigated if we think the story of Theseus and the Minotaur was real. As part of this lesson, we became detectives and looked for clues around the classroom to see if the myth was true or not. We found pictures of ancient artefacts with carvings of the weapon Theseus used to defeat the Minotaur,  as well as maps which showed that the myth was based in a real place. 


Our art lessons...

In art, we will be using clay to  practise making different types of pots. So far, we have had a go at making coil pots.

 We then had a go at making at clay pinch pots. We added two handles to our pots so they were similar to the Amphora Greek pot style. It was tricky, but we gave it a good go!