Holmgate Primary School And Nursery

Let your light shine

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

Class Dojo

We have introduced a new rewards system for 2017 - Class Dojo. Children earn Dojos for super behaviour, work or effort as well as for modelling the respect, responsibility and resilience we expect to see in school. The more Dojos each child earns, the more rewards they will receive from our Dojo Supermarket. Pupils and parents can keep track of their Dojos online using the easy-to-use Dojo App. 

Each parent has been sent a link to allow them to keep track of their own child's Dojos and be kept up-to-date with why they have been awarded each Dojo.

Prizes are on display in school , and when children have earned enough, they can cask in their Dojos and earn a reward for their hard work and brilliant behaviour.