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Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

WELCOME TO Y2 ......


We are taught by Mrs Godfrey and Miss Cannon.



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Rainbow Grammar


 Rainbow Grammar is a fun, practical and colourful way of teaching children how to build up different types of sentences. In Rainbow Grammar, there are eight colours and each colour represents a different part of the sentence.  They will learn:

  • How the different parts of sentences work
  • What different types of words and parts of sentences are called
  • How to join the different parts of sentences together
  • How to improve their sentences
  • How to punctuate their sentences

 We will be mastering how to write sentences with adverb openers and then moving on to coordination, subordination and dialogue.

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Read Write Inc

Our Read Write Inc phonics sessions will continue daily, but these have moved to first thing in the morning when the children are at their freshest.  The children will read books daily as part of these sessions.  Year 2 children will also have a guided reading lesson where comprehension skills will be developed even further.  In these lessons they will read a wide range of genres, including non-fiction texts.

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Be a Holmgate Reading Detective!

All Y1&2 children will have a weekly literacy lesson that focuses on reading comprehension skills and in particular those that make us a Holmgate Reading Detective. 

The weekly reading challenge is still a big part of the homework set.  Please read with your child at least 4 times a week so they can meet this challenge and earn class dojos plus weekly and termly reading prizes.   Every day for 10 minutes would be perfect if it can be managed! Don’t forget to record this in your child’s diary.  In Y2 we do hand over the responsibility for changing reading books to the children, who will be given time to do this each day, but please come and see us if there are any problems.

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The 3 R's

The 3 R's are still the main values that we have here at Holmgate School: RESPECT, RESILIENCE and RESPONSIBILITY.  Respect for others and for the world  around them will be embedded in everything we do.  We will be continuing to support the children in becoming independent and resilient learners who never give up.  This term the children will be introduced to different strategies to help when they get stuck  by using the ‘B’s’ posters (Be brave, Be still, Backtrack, Bits and Bobs, Buddy, Boss).  The children will also be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and their behaviour.  


Our PE day for this year is Monday.  Please ensure that we always have our kits in for these days and it is clearly labelled. From November these will take place at Sharley Park Leisure Centre where qualified swimming coaches will lead swimming lessons.

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Homework is set on a Friday and will involve reading (at least 4 times), spelling and a termly project.  The project will involve completing as many of the activities given as you want.  There will be 20 dojos given for each activity completed!! Spellings will be will be tested the following week. Please look out for these and give as much support as you can.  There is also Mathletics and Purple Mash available.  Passwords have been sent home and you don't have to wait for an activity to be set on these.  You can access these as often or as little as you like to practise skills taught in school.

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We are all excited to be a part of Canada Class and are going to work hard and WOW everyone!