Holmgate Primary School And Nursery

Let your light shine

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

Do we appreciate what we have?

This term we are asking the question 'Do we appreciate what we have?' We will begin by investigating what there is where we live that we should be grateful for, and what we can do to make it even better.  Later in the term we will broaden our horizons and explore other parts of our wonderful planet, discovering ways to improve planet Earth for everyone. We will also be teaching PSHE and RE as part of our project.


Kenning Park! 

Before venturing further afield, it's important that we also appreciate what's on our doorstep. As part of our morning at Kenning Park, we did the following activities:

- Litter-picking to help keep the park clean and tidy. 

- Investigating what plants and trees we could find in the park.

- Analysing what creatures live in the stream.

- Problem-solving the best spots to build our bird boxes and hedgehog houses.