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What would it be like to live in India?

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In the first half of the Autumn term we are going to be exploring India's geography and culture.  We will be comparing the features found in India with those found in Holmgate.  There will be a focus on buildings and houses and how these differ between the two places.  We will be learning about some of the different celebrations such as Diwali.  Our art lessons will focus on Indian masks.  we will creating detailed pictures of masks and then using what we learn to design our own Indian mask.  Once this has been designed, they will be made using papier mache to build up the features and paint once dry.


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During our literacy lessons this term we will be looking at the features of diary entries and having a go at writing our own.  We will explore how these can be improved by including different types of sentences such as statements, questions and exclamations.  We will also use Rainbow Grammar to help us make our sentences more interesting by starting them with adverbs eg Suddenly, Finally, Carefully, Frantically etc. We will then move on to look at the features of a non-fiction leaflet, including sub-headings.  We will use what we learn to create information leaflets about Holmgate and India.

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In maths the focus will be on place value and consolidating this as it underpins all mathematical concepts.  We will start by counting in 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's and looking at any patterns that we notice.  We will try and identify patterns and use these to calculate missing numbers.  We will represent 2-digit and 3-digit numbers in a variety of ways, such as in dienes, as a part,part,whole diagram, a place value table and as a calculation. 

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We will compare numbers using the inequality signs and then put numbers in order from smallest to largest and vice versa.

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In ICT this term we will be learning about computing.  The focus will be on algorithms, what these are, how we can write our own and how we can debug ones that don't work properly.  These will involve some unplugged activities (without computers) and plugged (with).  As part of this we will be programming bee bots and using purple mash. We will also be using the ipads and the programme 'Tellagami' to create news reports about Holmgate Evangelical Church.

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